Little Things That Prevent Us From Losing Weight

5. Consuming fat-free foods

Little Things That Prevent Us From Losing Weight

It might seem paradoxical but sticking to a fat-free diet may actually lead to extra weight gain. Removing fat from food will actually make us crave more and result in overeating. Moreover, removing fats from dairy products prevents us from absorbing calcium and vitamins A and D.

6. Getting distracted while eating

Little Things That Prevent Us From Losing Weight

If you’re going to eat your meal, try to do it without watching your favorite series or browsing through social networks. Being distracted during mealtime makes you eat more, researchers say. Meanwhile, paying attention to your meal will let you enjoy it more and have more control over the amount of food you consume.


7. Binge drinking

Little Things That Prevent Us From Losing Weight

Next time you get yourself a glass of beer, think twice. Beer drinking causes excessive belly fat, while heavy drinking of alcohol of all types is known to increase your weight. Try to have less “happy hours” if you’re concerned with your weight.

8. Sitting at your desk all day

Little Things That Prevent Us From Losing Weight

Studies confirm that there’s a correlation between the time spent sitting and obesity. So try to move every 60-90 minutes, or set a timer to remind yourself when to stand up. Try chair exercises or go for a walk — even if it’s just to visit a colleague working on another floor. Add some movement to your day!

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