8 Warning Signs of Female Health Problems Women Often Ignore

6. You feel pain when working out.

8 Warning Signs of Female Health Problems Women Often Ignore

If you frequently have pain in the pelvic region when you’re running, walking, and even standing for a long time, this could mean that your endometrium, the inner layer of your uterus, grows outside of where it’s supposed to. In this case, foreign endometrial cells and scarring are binding your internal organs together, causing pain and the inability to exercise.

5. You experience lower back and leg pain.

8 Warning Signs of Female Health Problems Women Often Ignore

Lower back pain is pretty common during a woman’s monthly period, so it can be considered normal. However, if you suffer from pain in your lower back and shoulders before, during, and after your menstruation along with muscle tension in these areas, you probably have endometriosis.

Other common symptoms of endometriosis are numbness, a tingling sensation, and pain in your legs. This kind of pain may spread out over one or both of your legs and get worse before your period.

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