12 Adorable Celebrity Dads Who Just Can’t Get Enough of Their Kids

There is nothing quite as immensely touching as seeing a loving father kissing and cuddling his precious little child. Celebrity dads may well have a very busy schedule, but they also manage to squeeze in a little break and spend some quality time with their family.

Justin Timberlake and his son Silas

Justin and his wife, Jessica Biel, welcomed their son, Silas, into the world two years ago. The singer seems to have been enjoying this whole parenting thing, saying: “Fatherhood is the craziest, most amazing, wonderful and most incredible thing that has ever happened to me.”

Vin Diesel and his daughter Pauline

Vin is dad to son Vincent and daughters Hania and Pauline, with his partner Paloma Jiménez. The action-film star revealed that being their father is undoubtedly his most daring role of all time: “The craziest stunt I ever did? Fatherhood.”

Robbie Williams and his daughter Teddy

Robbie and his wife Ayda Field took up parental duties over four years ago when their daughter was born, and their joy continued to grow as they welcomed their son two years later. The singer proves to be a hands-on dad. “I am on nappy patrol. I am nappy changer, chief nappy changer. I love it. I love burping her. I love feeding her and I love changing nappies. It’s weird — I find it uniquely bonding.”

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